Level Completed: Baby Food

Toddler food

We’ve reached that point where Olivia wants nothing to do with baby food anymore. She wants to eat what we eat, only I’m realizing not everything we eat is very nutritious. As a family, our diets have seen much improvement since our 20s and don’t even ask about my childhood. Vegetables were rarely on my plate. Eating healthy doesn’t come natural to me; it’s something I’ve always struggled to achieve. So now that Olivia is graduating from baby food to finger food, I’m stressing out.

With the help of some great baby food sites and Pinterest, I’m pretty confident I can keep Olivia eating healthy. Hopefully Jim and I will be eating better too! Here’s a few meals I’ll be making this week:

1. Green Mac and Cheese from Weelicious

2. Chicken and Apple Balls by Annabel Karmel

3. Confetti Pasta from Nurture Baby

4. Spinach Gnocch-wee from Weelicious

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